Is your tiled floor looking scuffed and worn? With our professional know how, we can bring back the sparkle and shine of your tiles.

Each type of floor has its own advantages and vulnerabilities but there are inevitably going to be consequences of the general wear and tear that occurs on any surface. In many cases, dust, dirt and grit have worn away sealant or the smooth finish of a tile floor, leaving minute scratches in the surface. This dulls the finish. Cracks can also occur, especially where tiles have been laid on uneven or unsuitable subfloors.

A professional process

We start with a deep clean, removing all dirt, stains and grime that have built up over time. Then we apply a professional grade sealant to lock in the tile’s natural color and protect it from future damage. The final step is to buff the floors to bring back their glossy finish for maximum impact.

PRP Concrete & Polishing are the experts in tile services, offering a range of Polishing, Buffing, Cleaning, Resurfacing and Sealing of tiles. Our tradesmen are highly talented and experienced, surpassing customer expectations each time.

With occasional maintenance, you can have beautiful floors for years to come. Let us show you the difference that a professional touch can make! Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.