Terrazzo is a durable and hard wearing surface that will stand a lot of use before it starts to lose its appearance. It’s made from chips of natural stone and glass held together with cement from a very tough and unique surface that has proved to be very popular in public buildings.

Over time however, terrazzo can start to look dull and tired, so it’s important to keep it looking its best by getting a professional terrazzo polishing and sealing service. A good polish will restore the original shine of your terrazzo floor or wall, while sealing protects your surface from further wear and tear.

At PRP Concrete & Stone Polishing, we offer Terrazzo surface sealing, cleaning and polishing using professional equipment and a long experience.

A Professional Service

The process of restoring the lustre of a terrazzo floor starts with an initial inspection by our team. Then, we will provide you with a report that includes our suggested treatment and the estimated timeframe for completing the job. We use diamond grinding tools to remove any scratches or imperfections on your Terrazzo surface and then apply our special polishing technique to bring back its natural shine. Finally, we apply a sealer for added protection and longevity of your terrazzo flooring.

Our team is dedicated to bringing back the life of your Terrazzo with our services. So if you’re looking for professional terrazzo polishing and sealing services, contact PRP Concrete & Stone Polishing today!