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We are experts in floor cleaning and maintenance of all types of floors and specialize mainly in Marble, Limestone, Concrete, Sandstone, Tiles and Terrazzo stone floors.

Concrete Grinding, Polishing & Sealing

The process of concrete polishing can transform any concrete floor, new or old, into a visually stunning and highly abrasion resistant polished concrete floor. The achievable finish is reflective, smooth and almost feels like glass to touch.
Polishing concrete is a smart solution to reduce environmental impact. It reduces material wastage and future surface replacements/refurbishments, as well as lighting energy requirements.

PRP Concrete & Polishing offer a wide range of polished concrete services including grinding, buffing & sealing services to suit all needs & any budget.

Terrazzo Polishing & Sealing

Terrazzo is a very durable hard wearing surface that will stand up to a lot of wear and tear before it starts to lose its appearance. It’s made from chips of natural stone and glass held together with cement from a very tough and unique surface that has proved to be very popular in public buildings.

PRP Concrete & Polishing proudly offer Terrazzo sealing, cleaning and polishing using the best equipment and machinery. We are able to deliver top-rate service to your home, business and your lifestyle.

Marble Polishing & Sealing

Marble is a hard metamorphic rock derived from limestone. Available in many colours, marble is often used for its beauty and lifespan.

Marble surfaces can show wear quite quickly but can be rapidly restored by honing and polishing.

Our experience and equipment enable us to achieve the best possible results for your marble floor. Every type of natural stone has its own unique traits and we will assess and identify the best technique for your situation. We use a multi-stage process that removes any existing sealant and treats significant stains or marks as thoroughly as possible. We then use a number of techniques and products to achieve a high quality finish.

Tile Floor Buff & Sealing

Each type of floor has its own advantages and vulnerabilities but there are inevitably going to be consequences of the general wear and tear that occurs on any surface. In many cases, dust, dirt and grit have worn away sealant or the smooth finish of a tile floor, leaving minute scratches in the surface. This dulls the finish. Cracks can also occur, especially where tiles have been laid on uneven or unsuitable subfloors.

PRP Concrete & Polishing are the experts in tile services, offering a range of Polishing, Buffing, Cleaning, Resurfacing and Sealing of tiles. Our tradesmen are highly talented and experienced, surpassing customer expectations each time.

Sandstone Polishing & Sealing

Cleaning sandstone floor slabs can be a difficult task if you do not clean it regularly with the correct cleaning products. The rough surface of the stone means that mopping alone will not remove much of the surface dirt. It just spreads the dirt around the surface of the stone and into the grout lines.

PRP Concrete & Polishing have developed their own process which brings your Natural Stone flooring back to life and will keep it that way for long.

Limestone Polishing & Sealing

Limestone is a soft rock and can scratch easily. Moreover, it easily enables moisture absorption and, since it is a carbonate rock it will effervesce readily in any common acid and it can suffer substantial deterioration.

The most common problems Stone Seal encounter with limestone are a loss of shine, scratching, staining and etching, chipping, cracking and excessive lippage on badly laid floors, as well as problems caused by incorrect sealing and maintenance.

PRP Concrete & Polishing use a process and set of products that will get the best possible results for your situation. It is our years of experience and advanced training that enables us to get you a superior finish for your floor.