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Concrete Grinding Benefits

Concrete grinding is a method in which concrete surfaces can be sanded extremely smoothly using appropriate grinding machines. The substrate can be both concrete surfaces and natural soils.

Concrete loops clearly explained:

Transitions, connections, and bumps can be sanded and smoothed by concrete grinding. During Concrete Grinding, removal depths of 2-4 mm are achieved.

For certain damage patterns, grinding on concrete and screed to a depth of 10 mm may be an economical technique for optimizing or removing defective surfaces.

Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding is especially suitable for hard-to-reach areas such as corners or edge areas.

A particular advantage of concrete sanding is that it does not damage the substrate. Concrete sanding can produce a terrazzo look or other noble soil refinement.

That is why concrete grinding is often used in hotels, reception halls or lobbies.

When refurbishing concrete surfaces, smoothness defects or damage caused by using surfaces can be reduced to a clean, dense, dust-free and durable condition by abrading. Such refurbished concrete surfaces are easy to clean and virtually maintenance free.

Rainy, burnt or frozen concrete surfaces can be rehabilitated quickly and cheaply by concrete grinding.

Further Concrete Grinding Benefits:

  • Preparation and renovation of installation substrates
  • Defined removal of layered structures (such as EP coatings or putty adhesives)
  • Fast, economical and efficient
  • Low-dust and vibration-free

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